Approaching the Self Portrait

For me, my biggest fear as an artist has always been the self portrait. The idea of the self-examination, intimacy and trying to create something that is accurate to what I look like and successful as a composition is the biggest challenge I’ve come across as an artist thus far.

As I approach the halfway point of my third semester at Marywood, I find myself completely engulfed in a semester full of studio classes, art history and loads of inspiration coming from my professors, peers and personal life.

One of my classes being figure drawing, I spend six hours every week observing and drawing nothing but the human figure. Practicing this habit repeatedly has given me strengths in my my observational skills as an artist in the shape and form of the body but in also my own confidence in my abilities as an artist.

The self portrait can be one of the most popular yet least appreciated works of the artist as it can give the audience some perspective on the artist’s style, ideas and personality through the way that they depict themselves in their work.

On occasion, I find myself experimenting with portraiture across different mediums, challenging myself with different tools and perspectives. My current obstacle is the development of an acrylic self portrait. It is still in the very early stages of color exploration and has a long way to go before reaching my idea of finished, but I’m experimenting with cool undertones before exploring the local color of my skin tone.

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