Hey everybody, this week I wanted to talk about something VERY exciting- an AdidasxArizona Iced Tea collaboration on shoes. Just a few days ago, it was announced that at a pop-up shop in NYC, these shoes would be released for just 99 cents (just like the tea itself).

I wanted a pair so bad but the pop-up shop was only supposed to run for two days and unfortunately, it was shut down by the NYPD since a huge crowd showed up in such a short amount of time for these shoes.

Sneakernews’s website showing the craziness of the pop-up

However, I did come across an article on Sneakernews’s website stating, “the pop-up shop opening drew massive crowds that flooded into the streets, causing the NYPD to shut down the pop-up as a whole. However, adidas Originals has released an official statement that confirms the shoes will indeed release at a later date, although just how the drop will occur and if the sub-$1 price will remain. Stay tuned for details, and in the meantime follow DrinkAriZona and adidasNYC on Twitter for real-time updates and check our official unboxing video of all the merch below”. So, there’s no need to worry-for now!

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