Art as Self Care

Recently I got a day off of work that I spent recharging my metaphorical batteries by running simple errands, taking it easy, and doing some things that I really enjoy but haven’t quite had the time for. One of the first things I think about doing when I finally have free time is art or crafts, and because of that, I started thinking about self-care and how art could be part of that. As an art therapy major, I know of plenty of ways art can be helpful to people in the therapeutic process, and I did some research into some fun and simple ways anyone can use art to decompress, relax, and have some fun!

Coloring Pages: filling in a pre-designed picture can take away the stress many people feel of perfecting a drawing and lets you simply color in the picture with whatever colors or medium you’d like. Pictures like mandalas or floral scenes can be especially calming and enjoyable to color and even admire afterward.

Bath Bombs: I personally find baking and cooking extremely fun and relaxing, and making homemade bath bombs is a very similar process. You also can use the bath bombs to give yourself a spa day afterward!

Friendship Bracelets: Repetitive motions like the ones used in friendship bracelet making can be extremely calming and meditative. These kinds of projects can be nice to do while listening to music or watching a show.

Finger Painting: there’s a reason why kids love finger painting! It’s messy, colorful, freeing, and fun! getting your hands messy and diving in like this can be daunting to some people, myself included, but the point is to experience the process with your senses and just go with the flow.

Makeup: Makeup can also count as self-care! Anything that’s fun for you or makes you feel pampered works perfectly as a stress reliever and also helps you spend some extra time focusing on yourself.

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