Art Catalogs

This week during my internship I learned about the process it takes to produce an art catalog for an exhibition. Ryan Ward talked to me about the process himself and a couple of others went through to produce the catalog for the Make, Believe: The Marlow Collection and the Moving Image. This process started months before the opening and involved many people from different departments, such as photography, design, and more.

If one of my future plans go as I want them to, I will become a curator in an art museum. Therefore, I might have to develop and/or be a part of the process of an art catalog one day. The process of developing an art catalog is very complex and depending on the exhibition it could involve much more people and professionals, and of course time.

I learned that the process of taking the photographs isnt as simple as it seems. It requires patience and the skills of photoshop to capture the masterpiece perfectly. Then there is the layout of the catalog, which includes these photos and essays. The catalog layout is very important just like the layout of an exhibition is. The photos and essays have to connect to each other and create a flow so the reader stays interested.

There is a lot more that goes into the process of making a catalog, like what kind of binding you want it to have, what should go on the front and back of it, and more but it just gets more and more complicated. It is a lot to take in but I am excited to learn more!

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