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Amid this pandemic and the subsequent quarantining, I decided that I would begin to really research potential careers in the art history field. Changing my major to art history was purely out of my interest in the subject, but in terms of future aspirations, I had no clue! I still to a large extent have no idea where life may take me, but I think it’s truly most important to be studying something that interests and challenges me, and art history fits those credentials to a t. I wanted to share a cool art history career I found recently!

Of course, during the period where I was considering changing my major I did some preliminary research into curatorial work and the many jobs one can hold within a museum in order to ensure that this major would lead me to a career I found engaging and enjoyable. That research was enough to convince me that this was the major for me. The next step was getting all the paperwork together (which was a breeze) and then registering for completely new classes for the next semester. Now, as I await the fall semester in which I’ll actually be an art history student, I’ve kept this area of study at the forefront of my mind. I’ve been writing these blogs, reading some amazing books about art history and famous artists, and buying (perhaps too much!) art for my room. However, I’ve realized that I want to begin really crafting an idea about what I want my post-college life to look like as a girl with an art history degree!

I pride myself on having a healthy knack for planning the future while staying grounded in the belief that everything I aspire to be and do can, and probably will, go completely awry. Such is the nature of life! Still, researching potential future careers is fascinating to me and is a productive way to spend my days at home. I wanted to share a career in the art history world that I had never heard of before and immediately struck me as something that I could potentially see myself doing! 

An arts organization consultant normally brings expertise such as marketing or law into the art history world by helping art organizations with organizational elements! These arts organizations include theaters, museums, cultural venues, orchestras, and many other organizations in the arts. Re-configuring an organization in order to conserve funds, find and target the right audience, and overall program development are some of the defining elements of this job. Some skills that you need to acquire to excel in this particular field are interpersonal skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and drive, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an understanding of arts organizations in terms of practical and even environmental elements. I’ve read that a great way to get into this position is to work in an arts organization at any level to gain that grasp on the function of an arts organization. 

This particular career in the art history world is a nontraditional one but it interests me nonetheless, not to mention that it would pair well with my dual arts administration major. Thinking about future careers or potential big life decisions can oftentimes be overwhelming and scary, but I found this time of research and reflection both inspiring and encouraging! I encourage you (assuming you are an art student or future art student) to research careers in your field that aren’t typically thought of when discussing where a degree in your major could lead you. Be bold and creative in choosing the career path that checks all the boxes for you! 

Thanks for reading a collection of my thoughts about my future! Have a great week 🙂

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