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Hi everyone!

This week I simply wanted to share some photos I took of some beautiful blooming flowers at my house and at Nay Aug Park. If you are in the Scranton area I would highly recommend taking a walk around Nay Aug Park. Not only is there lots to explore with the trails and waterfalls, but you can also take a walk through the garden or around the park to see all the flowers in bloom. Right now the lilies and my personal favorite, the hydrangeas, are in full bloom and they are gorgeous. I was walking around the park the other day and had to capture the hydrangeas that are by St. Cats and Dogs (aka the old zoo). 

Hydrangeas at Nay Aug Park

I’ve always loved hydrangeas, especially their rich colors when they are blue or purple, or even a mix of both. I think I also love them because they secretly remind me of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1914-17
Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1914-17

The lily pads are these small rounded shapes just like the little petals that make up hydrangeas. The way Monet uses the deep and rich blues and purples on the lily pads, and even mixes them together reminds me of the colors of hydrangeas and how the petals mix together to create these multicolored flowers.

I also wanted to share two pictures of the roses in front of my house. They reached full bloom and quite honestly are some of the biggest and most beautiful roses we’ve had.

Have a lovely day!

Source for Monet’s Water Lilies

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