Art, Old and New

One of the biggest reasons I chose to study abroad this semester was the easy access I would have to some of the world’s best “old” art; ancient ruins, beautiful cathedrals, incredible frescoes, etc. However, this weekend, whilst visiting the little city of Tarragona, I not only got to see the incredible ancient architecture, but I unexpectedly found a little museum of modern art that turned out to be one of the best museums I have ever been to!

The Museu D’Art Modern De Tarragona is  a small building, with only two floors and a handful of rooms. Comprised of mostly paintings, sculptures, and installations, this museum had some of the most powerful modern artwork I have ever seen.

12016516_1032582623440081_1045523118_nJosep Salmerón

sense titol 2000

What I found interesting about this piece was that it was not ‘properly hung.’ It simply leans against the wall, as if it were in the artist’s studio. It creates a sense of closeness with the viewer, since the ‘boundary’ between the traditionally hung artwork and the viewer is blurred.

12026695_1032584036773273_307949381_nRegina Giménez

This was my favorite piece in the museum. Something about the overall complexity of the seemingly simple colors, shapes, and composition was extremely impactful. I don’t want to say too much about this piece, as it obviously speaks for itself.

11997511_1032582670106743_1894576142_nTomás Olivar


I sat down and stared at this piece in awe for a long, long time. The bold blocks of color somehow create a believable and successful landscape.

It just goes to show that while seeing the big stuff is definitely important to do while you’re abroad, it’s also important to explore! You never know what other gems are out there!

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  1. Hi Hope,
    The Tomas Olivar Casablanca is very interesting. It draws in and but lets a lot of room for personal interpretation. The colors almost suggest a partly sunny day with cloudy shade in the foreground and sunshine lighting the background. Nice post.

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