Art Show Planning

As the summer days pass I continue to work on all different types of things for my Art Show this upcoming fall.

Planning for a show is an art of its own. From the very beginning I knew I didn’t just want to have pottery. I want to have all types of art mixed with nature. I want it to be very clear how much I love making art. Lately I have been collecting flowers, ferns, leaves, and twigs. I have been throwing and weaving and mixing different types of materials. I decided early on that anything that is going to be at my show (that is not ceramic) must come directly from my farm because that is what means the most to me and continues to influence not only my art work but also the way I think.

Personally when I am buying something in a store or stand I need to know where it is from, who made it, where the materials are from, and how fair of a trade it is for the person who constructed it. I hope as I grow as an artist I can raise awareness to people about thinking twice before buying something mass produced or made in another country under terrible working conditions.

So for this week I haven’t really made anything new. I have only put more thought into things to come.

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