Art Throughout the World

Art is a universal language in my eyes. There is art all over the world. Different styles, mediums, themes—anything that you can think of that relates to art is probably created around the world.

This spring break some of the Marywood University art students took a trip to Paris, France. The trip is open to all those in the art department. Unfortunately I did not go this spring break but I hope to attend the next trip in the Spring of 2016. I did have a few friends that went and they said they had an experience of a lifetime.

When they came back from Paris they had to create a piece of artwork inspired by what they saw in Paris on the trip. And once they created their works, the AFA Gallery in Scranton had a show for their pieces, which was on display for the whole month of April 2015. So I went a saw all the pieces that were made by Marywood students and they were all very creative and different.

IMG_6634One of our current bloggers for WhereCreativityWorks, Ty Mah, went on the Paris trip and he stated: IMG_6632“To go on an adventure such as Paris with our art professors, and to experience it with their knowledge opened up an unforgettable life long memory that I will never forget.” Here are two of his photographs that he took in Paris and that were on display at the AFA gallery.

One of my friends, Tyler McCourt, who is a sophomore photographIMG_6631y major at Marywood, also attended the Paris trip. Here are two of his photographs. The photograph on the right is titled “On the Edge of Modern Life” and bottom photograph is titled “Lunch in the Park

I asked him what inspired him to take the photographs that he took. He stated, “They were taken right outside of the Pompidou which is a modern art museum that our studio art building is actually based off of. When I saw not only the large pipes but the entire builIMG_6630ding it just stood out so much from the surroundings of Paris. I thought it was really cool to capture that little modern piece of Paris but also have the original, historic part of Paris in the background. And that’s what inspired the name for the first one, because it was such a modern piece of construction yet right on the other side of it was the original classic side of Paris.” 

Just from hearing these two comments from the trip, I’m sure that everyone else had an amazing time too. A trip like this is definitely something that I would love to experience too, and I hope that I get the chance in the future.

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