Art: Up Close & Personal

As an Art History student, I often find it difficult to fully grasp the beauty in an art piece when I can only see it through the lens of a projector. The full effect of a piece such as the actual height and true colors are limited to the screen. Now I know this is a challenge that art historians and students face on a regular basis, so why am I complaining? A field trip to Rome every time we study the Roman Forum or a visit to the Louvre when studying Michelangelo? I know it’s a littleeee unrealistic, but hey, a girl can dream!

Lucky for me Marywood does offer some great adventures when I am needing some art inspiration. Twice a year our Art Department hosts a bus trip to NYC. This is one of my favorite events of the semester. We get dropped off in Chelsea and have the whole day to ourselves to wander around and get lost in the art world. Through these trips I’ve been able to visit The MET, MoMA, and discover some great galleries in Chelsea. This is an amazing opportunity for Marywood art students to get outside of the classroom and see what artists are currently working on and study the old masters in NYC’s amazing art museums as well.

Here are some of my favorite moments at MoMA through Marywood’s Bus Trip to NYC. My friend Danielle reaching for Giacometti’s Tall Figure, III in MoMA’s Sculpture Garden and our NYC art trip successfully completed with giant cookies after a day filled with art and exploration.    Tall Figure, III.


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