Art with Posca Paint Pens!

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a good week! In this week’s post I would like to introduce a way of making art that I have really fallen in love with. Today I would like to introduce you to Posca paint pens, also referred to as Posca pens, which are manufactured by the company Uni-ball.

When first using these pens you will find that they are less like pens and much more like paint markers. Because of this I will be referring to these pens as markers for the rest of this post. Posca pens come in seven different sizes which allow for a variety of uses. They even have a massive 15mm broad tip marker which is used for large murals and street art.

I personally really love these markers because of the fact that they are totally opaque, much like a good acrylic paint. These markers are very similar to acrylic paint or gouache considering the way that they look.

As you can see, Posca pens can easily be layered over, which is one of the reasons that I enjoy using them so much. If you make a mistake you can easily cover an area again. I’ve also had many projects where I didn’t like the colors in an area, and was easily able to cover the area up with a different color.

I really love how graphic these markers are and their ability to create solid areas of color. I have struggled in the past using mediums which made it difficult for me to create a solid areas. Colored pencils would be an example of this, so these worked perfectly for me. Posca pens also come in a great assortment of colors as well. Along with their normal colored markers they have a nice selection in glitter, fluorescent, and metallic colors as well. Another thing that is great about these markers is that they can write on almost any surface. This includes wood, glass, plastic, and many others.

Posca pens are not refillable, but they last a very long time, I have been using these markers constantly for around a year and have only had two of my markers run out, and these were with colors that I used constantly, green and blue. I only have two little problems with these markers. When they sit for a while without use the paint inside of them will separate and they will need to be reactivated by shaking them. From my experience, when the markers separate it takes them a while to work the way that you want them to. These markers can also jam or get “gummed up” so you will need to wash off the ends of them in water to fix this.

Another example of why I really love these markers is that they are so easy to just pick up and start working with. You can bring a few with you when you go somewhere and take them out when you have free time, no setup required. They also aren’t as messy as other paint mediums either!

Overall, I really love these markers, and I was very excited to share them with you today. They have personally been so helpful when it comes to my output of art, and with them I am creating more artwork than ever before.

Below is one of my recent artworks with these markers!

If you would like to learn more about Posca paint pens, you can find more information on them here:

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