Artist Appreciation (Kristoffer Zetterstrand)

Today I will be discussing yet another artist that holds significant importance to me. Kristoffer Zetterstrand is a Swedish artist who has gained widespread recognition for his striking digital paintings. Zetterstrand’s works are both visually stunning and intellectually engaging, inviting viewers to consider the intersection between art and technology.

One of Zetterstrand’s most notable contributions to the world of art is his innovative use of video game graphics in his paintings. Drawing on his background in game design, Zetterstrand has created a unique visual language that combines the aesthetics of traditional painting with the pixelated imagery of early video games.

He draws inspiration from one of my favorite classical artists, Caspar David Friedrich. In “Pointer”, Zetterstrand sets up a diorama-like stage by using Friedrich’s painting as a background while incorporating digital motifs as well has his own rendering of a hand. This sets up the illusion of a 3D collage on a 2D medium which creates a very unique and pleasing effect. To go even further, before his paintings are implemented into the game (yet a new medium) they are pixelated to fit the aesthetic of Minecraft.

Zetterstrand’s process involves experimenting with still lifes in a virtual manner. He begins with a 3D approach of arranging the still life and finding the angles and lighting that makes for a good composition. He samples many images, assets, textures, historical pieces etc. and compiles them together to create something new.

Beyond their purely visual appeal, Zetterstrand’s paintings also prompt deeper reflection on the nature of art and representation. By incorporating video game graphics into his works, Zetterstrand challenges traditional notions of what constitutes “high art” and invites viewers to consider the ways in which technology is changing our relationship with visual media.

Overall, Kristoffer Zetterstrand’s paintings are a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation, drawing on both classical art techniques and cutting-edge technology to create something entirely new. As his career continues to evolve, I am excited to see where Zetterstrand takes his work next, and how he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of digital art.

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