Artist-Gallery Relationships

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all winding down after a wonderful weekend. For the first late Sunday night, I decided to start browsing some recent Artsy articles and stumbled upon 6 Keys to a Good Artist-Gallerist Relationship by Scott Indrisek.

I opened the article anticipating it to be business advice from the perspective of an art dealer to fellow art dealers, but as usual, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. The article features 6 pieces of advice to art dealers from artists. Several artists discuss what they value when they do business with an art dealer, which is precious information. The article is comparable to a grocery store interviewing it’s customer’s about what they are shopping for before they even enter the store.

Here is the breakdown for those of you that aren’t much for words:

  1. Take it Slow
  2. Understand the Relationship
  3. Believe in the Artwork Above Anything
  4. Be Transparent
  5. Respect Your Artists
  6. Look to the Future, Short-Term and Long-Term

It brings up a lot of ideas that seem like common sense on paper, but they definitely can’t be found in a textbook somewhere. As an arts administration student that’s nearing graduation, I love finding articles that give me insight into practical experiences and real world advice that would take me years to learn otherwise.

Also, as an arts administration student, I cannot express how USEFUL it is to subscribe to websites, magazines, blogs, etc. that email you daily/weekly/monthly articles relevant to your field. Artsy sends me at least one email a day, which usually contains information regarding new art trends, new techniques, new artists, upcoming auctions, art news, etc. I totally recommend signing up for their email list, or go out and find a website that interests you and your profession. Regardless of what or who it is, go out there and start looking for all of these priceless resources. Even if the information isn’t something you will use everyday, you never know what could turn into a great talking point while trying to have a professional conversation.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment! Have a great week everyone!


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