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During a recent scroll through social media, I stumbled upon a site that highlighted the work of a fine art photographer. The page was called My Modern Met and the artist was Kirsty Mitchell. Mitchell’s approach to photography is like none I have ever seen. Her attention to whimsical details and crisp features is just as breathtaking as it is enchanting. Much of her work includes images of a woman dressed in colorful and creative outfits, including a dress made of books, or an entire headdress designed solely through antiqued flowers. Her work portrays a world of both fantasy and reality that taps into a place we can imagine only exists in the books she uses to create some of her wardrobe collection.

Her most recent series is one that honors her late mother, depicting the whimsical and dreamy stories she told her as a child. Originally the project was done as a personal way to deal with her grief, but Mitchell turned it into so much more. Taking years, the project is now published in collectors edition books and has won multiple fine art awards. Every detail in each image is from the memories Mitchell still holds of the characters and worlds her mother once created. To experience the work of Kirsty Mitchell, you can watch a video of her story on My Modern Met, as well as visiting her site

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