Arts Administration 101

Have you ever considered studying Arts Administration at Marywood? Maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s one of the best programs in the Art Department. If you are looking into attending Marywood here’s a little quiz that may help you decide if Arts Administration is the major for you. (Disclaimer: do not solely base your decision off this quiz. Follow your passion and your heart!)

Number 10. You might be an Arts Administration major…If you want to learn one-on-one with professors and curators.

Number 9. If you are looking for an unique major that can be tailored to your interests. With Arts Administration you can choose a secondary concentration like music, theater, or art. Within art you can choose to focus on two dimensional (painting & drawing), three dimensional (sculpture & ceramics), or even communication arts.

Number 8. If you enjoy working with people. We Arts Administration students like to talk about art/artists/exhibits ect. Join us and you’ll find out!

Number 7. If you like hands-on experiences. Three unique required internships allow you to discover your passion in the arts and gain experiences in museums, historical societies, and galleries.

Number 6. If you are driven and self-motivated to pursue internship and volunteer opportunities in the community.

Number 5. If you are interested in learning about a variety of disciplines. As an Arts Administration student I have taken studio classes such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Number 4. If you want a background in art history and business. I can tell you about Roman Art and Business Law. Just call me the Jill of all trades!

Number 3. If you are interested in working at a museum/gallery/historical society/university/studio/art summer camp.

Number 2. If you are looking for a variety of internship options. Internship opportunities that compliment Arts Administration include education, curatorial, collections, and archives departments. The possibilities are endless!

The Number 1 reason Arts Administration may be the major for you is….If you want a small major where you make close, lifelong friends for life.

If you said yes to half of these questions or more, you should truly consider Arts Administration. Let me know-I’m always open for any questions you might have!

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