Au Revoir

So this is my last blog post that I will be writing, and it truly makes me sad. I enjoyed writing about all the art projects that I was working on while serving as a blogger and trying to trouble shoot different things while I was working on them. I cannot believe that it had already been three semesters of me writing here, I feel like it has flown past. I still have a full year left for my undergraduate degree, so I am going to continue making my art, and working on improving ways that I can make it better!

Recently I have been working on watercolor flowers with ink and I am in love with the different flowers that I am making. I made a sunflower for reflect on my time working with people from Holy Family. I know that a lot of individuals had some physical disabilities with their hands, but no matter how shaky their drawings were, they always looked amazing and beautiful. I feel like with art therapy no matter if the client feels like a line is a “mistake” there is always a way to incorporate it into the composition. No matter what happens to their art, it will always look beautiful because art therapy is about the process of making the art rather than what the finished product looks like.  This what people have to realize when they are making a reflective piece, that it is about the emotion and nothing else.

Bye everyone! I am going to miss writing!


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