Back at Marywood!

This week was my first week of junior year! Unfortunately I am already stressed with all the readings and papers that are due but it feels nice to be back. My favorite class so far is Green Piece. It’s a once a week class, three hours long, and taught by two teachers. We immediately jumped into the course, which if half lecture of art history and half studio. Our first assignment was to get into groups and pick a mystery box. After that, we had to choose an issue, and create an art piece incorporating the stuff in our boxes and make it about our issue.

My group decided to do our piece on factory farming. I’m sure I can speak for all my group members and say that it came out better then we thought it would have. We had our piece against a pole and made the pole a farmer like figure. We called it You Are What You Eat. Under it we had a knife sticking into a bird cage which is on top of an egg carton. We did this to show how animals are harmed just so people could get what they want from them, in this case, eggs. Also, my favorite part, we put a mirror under the hat so when people come up to the piece they are put into the farmer’s position and made to think about what is going on in the world.

It was actually really fun after we knew what issue we were doing. Other groups did cloning and engineering species, water contamination, litter and unregulated garbage dumping, and another group did factory farming.

Our whole class is filled with creative people so I’m excited for the rest of the semester.

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