Back To The Beginning

Hello everyone! 

To begin I want to welcome all of the new Art students and welcome back all of the returning students. I know last year was incredibly difficult for everyone, but I am hopeful this year will bring new beginnings and some happiness to all. 

After one of the darkest years I have had as an artist and designer, I am really excited to be writing for the Graphic Design blog and Where Creativity works again!

I am currently sitting on my porch overlooking the river in my backyard as I write this and I am thinking about the exciting year and journey to come. As a busy graduate student who is juggling being a wife, a student, a part time employee and grad assistant, I came to the realization that although I am incredibly busy I need to take time for myself. I figured now is the time to really sit and think about who I am as a designer but more importantly who I want to be as a designer. 

As a first year graduate student, I wanted to take an opportunity to look back at my work that I completed as an undergraduate student and re-do the projects in an attempt to measure not only my growth as a designer, but also my personal growth.  Professor Sue Jenkins was kind enough to let me sit in on her classes this fall semester. The two classes I am sitting in are Design Business & Production and Web Design & MultiMedia

For each class I will be working on the projects with the class and once they are finished I will document the process and compare them to my old projects! During this whole experience I will be keeping a journal this way I can track my thoughts, progress and growth. Make sure to follow along so you can also see my progress and maybe even find some inspiration of your own!

See you next time!

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