Bamboula… “The Unique boutique with a Caribbean beat”. It’s a shop, it’s a gallery, it’s a representation of Caribbean culture and our way of life. This space has an eclectic inventory that fuses art and fashion together under one roof. There is ethnic clothing, accessories, and decorative items as well as art, music, and hand crafted instruments and jewelry.

With so many items to offer, one can’t help but wonder how the shop display comes together so seamlessly. I’ve visited this gallery a great number of times through the years to browse and/or shop. However, today my trip was more business rather than pleasure. As an Arts Administration major whose goal is to become a curator and ultimately a gallery owner/director, I’m always studying displays. Being able to make works of art work together in a space is what its all about. So, as I visited Bamboula today, I really focused on the flow of the over all layout of the shop. We are taught about the elements that make an exhibition successful; lighting, color, texture, subject matter, etc. As I walked through Bamboula I saw all those elements working together and the result, well I’ll let you take a look…

This shop is filled with culturally fulfilling and one of a kind pieces. If you ever get the chance, pay the wonderful ladies at Bamboula a visit! Or visit their website

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