Banksy Inspired

This past weekend I went to a show called OPUS1, which was an experienceroller coaster with missing track in art and sound in the woods. There was a section of it that reminded me of Banksy’s bemusement park, Dismaland. With Banksy on my mind I got to think of an art directive I was able to observe with an adolescent after school program at PATH, PA Treatment and Healing.

An intern there thought of a directive for group that was inspired by Banksy’s work and all he stands for. The group was shown some of Banksy’s work to start off. Then they explained that his work is a commentary on society and common issues within our world. The group each picked an index card at random that had a social issue on it with and explanation. Then they all discussed these issues and were to do an art work based on the issue laid out on their index card.

I think Banksy really captured a lot of their eyes and got them intrigued in this directive. I think seeing Banksy’s art made them realize one person can change the world or at least shed a different light on the world. This also got them more involved in the art directive I think since Banksy himself is an artist.

For the most part the group responded well to this directive. The few people in the group that didn’t respond as well or weren’t as interested seemed to be due to the card, social issue, they received did not pertain or relate to them at all. That’s where this directive could improve but either way in a group setting I think there will always be some people who don’t respond as well as others.

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