Basic Printmaking

I think it is safe to say, Basic Printmaking was my favorite studio course of this year’s spring semester. For one, Peter Hoffer was a fabulous professor. He was an expert on the subject and was quite the comedian. His class was definitely a pleasure!

My favorite project ended up being the last project we did in class. We used plexiglass and used masking tape to create a design. I had no prior design concept or idea in mind and simply went for it. At first I was kind of bummed because mine ended up looking like a zebra pattern and I was not really happy with it. However, after the design printed I was not as bummed because I liked the way the pattern looked printed.

I really liked how my blue prints printed with this shiny, sparkly effect. It is kind of hard to see it with the picture but in person it is very noticeable especially compared to the yellow/green prints. I am not really sure how it happened but I am glad it did!

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