Continuing with the digital pen work, I drew up an action shot of Carmen Basilio, boxer, fighting his opponent. I have always found boxing to be a lot of fun to study and draw because of the movement that you can capture. For example, if you look below at the illustrations I have one in black and white and one in color.

Untitled 1

Using line work that followed the surface of the figures was key here to create three-dimensionality. I also threw in lines that did not follow the form exactly. The body positions and line work both contribute to the illusion of the boxers moving. You can almost see the aggression and force behind them.


I colored in a second copy to see the difference. I went ahead and filled the forms in solid, using few colors. The black background is what pushes the figures forward and the eye laser in on them. I do like the colored version, but the stark effect of the black and white one surpasses.

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