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Marywood may be a small school, but it has a terrific art department with plenty to offer. There is always a gallery on display or a featured artist who comes to talk. Most importantly, we have our own peers and professors to learn from.

The Bayleaf, Marywood’s Art and Literature publication, recently hosted their first ever art show and reading to showcase the winning submissions of the 2015 centennial and fall  publications. A reception was held on Wednesday, January 20, at 9PM in the Learning Commons Archive Room. It was a night filled with literature, art, and fun.

As artists, we always capture inspiration from whatever we can, so take advantage of this event to see what you can learn. It is important to explore different areas of art, to see what interests you, and how to enhance your portfolio skills. I like to think of attending events as a critique in a way. I will always reflect on the strong aspects of what I like in the artwork, whether it be the artist’s use of line, color, or even just their attitude towards art in general. It can be inspiring. Also, this event was free and there so many delicious snacks! Let’s be real; what’s better than a free art presentation full of talented students that also includes snacks? Nothing.

The Bayleaf previewSometimes it may be overwhelming in class, looking at Matisse or Monet, and realizing that these artists are so talented, and sometimes hard to relate to. The Bayleaf is cool because they take submissions from undergraduate student writers and artists, and publish them, which is a great way to get your name out there (for all those art students looking to build a portfolio). This event gave attendees the chance to see what their peers had to say in art and in literature.

Though you may have missed the Bayleaf Live! event, definitely go see the artwork by the Centennial and Fall 2015 winners of Marywood University’s The Bayleaf. The images will be on display in The Learning Commons through the end of the month from January 20th to the 31st.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, we all need more of these types of events and opportunities. Small town or big city, it doesnt matter, creativity is key to developing fuller and richer lives for all.

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