Be Open To The Arts

For me, art is anything that touches my soul, makes me think and feel, gives me goosebumps and at times makes me tear up. Art is a personal as well as emotional experience, but what people fail to realize is that it is literally everywhere. One of my many goals as an Art Educator is to emphasize the idea that our art surrounds us at all times. I always say to people that “art isn’t just about a painting on a wall,” it is so much more than that. I use that example of a painting on a wall because people only associate art with being visual; drawings, paintings, etc., which it absolutely is, but there is much more to the equation.

Our Art is found in colors that move through paintings, the blending blacks and grays of a deep and meaningful charcoal sketch. It is found between the keys of a mournful piano, it swivels through the words written on a wrinkled sheet of paper, and it shines in the eyes of a person under hot stage lights embracing someone elses emotions. As creative beings, and myself as an art educator, we need to understand our art. It is not only in the simple drawings of a student in a high school art class that seems to have no importance being up against the “more important” subjects we are taught in school. The arts, in schools, are the first things to get cut in the grand scheme of “bettering” our students; making a more logical use of their time (supposedly). I, however, will always fight for our right to express. Children and young adults are the most open minded individuals that walk our streets, that live amongst us day after day. They hold the key to incredible innovations and creative ventures that will fill our future. We need to let them write, sing, dance, feel music, attack their art.

Nothing would make me happier than to be “that” art teacher. The one who has pencils in her hair and jumps up and down when a student has a new idea. My lessons will always be in the name of “our art”. My students and I will write, listen to music, illustrate our feelings, and just simply express ourselves. Art is an adventure, one where we must explore all of our artistic avenues.

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