Best of 2015

I can’t believe that we are welcoming in the new year already. 2016 is going to bring many more great art events to campus, not to mention that our blog is now a year old! That being said, a new blogger, Kelly, is coming on board to write about events/alumni. I’ve enjoyed my time writing for the blog, but I think readers will enjoy the change in perspective.

Like every news outlet in America, I’ve decided to write a “Year in Review” post for all of the ‘on campus art events’ of 2015. I enjoyed going to all the events, but there were a select few that were my favorites. It’s great that as art students, we don’t always have to travel far to be exposed to new art.

Here are my top 5 events of 2015:

1. Connect Speaker Series

This year we had two professional designers/illustrators speak via Skype to students about what they do and how they got started. Professor Steven Brower coordinated talks with Mikey Burton and Katie Hatz who had very diverse styles and advice. These events were a great way to gain insight on the industry.

2. 2015 Senior Show

The undergraduate senior shows are always my favorite. It’s neat to see what your peers have been working on and how hard they have worked to put their work together. And I enjoy collecting the little buttons the graphic design students make for visitors. 🙂

3. Faculty Biennial

Professors at Marywood are artists too, which is why I loved being able to see what they had been working on and what inspired them. Watching Bob Schweitzer and the faculty interact during the artist talk is always fun too.

4. The Mother of God and the Saints

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to love this exhibition as much as I did. The collection of old Christian relics was remarkable, especially Pope Francis’s skullcap in its glass case.

5. The Shadow of ISIS

After all the events surrounding the Paris attacks and refugee debates, it was refreshing to hear the perspective of Kurdish student Poshya Kakil Ahmed through her powerful art. My eyes were opened to the true terror of ISIS and what innocent people overseas are going through. The exhibition was well thought out and curated.

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