Big Plans

With the first week of classes out of the way already, it seems like this semester is going to fly by. I’ve made multiple calendars, a priority list, and I’m ready to get started planning every aspect of my MFA show.

The biggest item on my to-do list is creating large-scale pieces to display my current work in the gallery. I already figured out that plain pedestals are not part of my vision for what I want my show to be. Thanks to our informal “MFA Progress Show” in the Kresge Gallery last semester, I have a rough idea of how I want my pieces laid out. Now, I’m just working to sketch out some forms and make scale models. From there, I’m going to decide if I can shape the large pieces by hand or send them out to be fabricated. At this rate, I’ll have a lot of process pictures to share next week!

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2019

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