Jenna Edmonds (Class of 2018)

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Art History

I chose Marywood because after narrowing down what colleges in Pennsylvania offer the Art Therapy program, I chose Marywood because of the small campus, the location, and the never-ending opportunities to get involved on campus. After my first year, I know I made the right decision. Marywood also allowed me to realize my interest in art history with a rounded approach to art and great professors.

I am majoring in Art because making art is truly intertwined with my identity. I realized my passion in my very first 2D Design class in 9th grade and I could never imagine giving it up.

When I’m not in class, I’m in Student Government Association meetings, drawing in my beloved sketchbook, or shopping.

My favorite class was so far was painting. I have always gravitated towards painting, so I was excited to take the class to begin with. Throughout the semester, I noticed incredible improvements, which was very rewarding. My professor urged me to create great paintings and allowed me to think of painting in an entirely new way. I am certain that what I have learned in my first painting class will manifest itself in my art for a very long time.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was pursuing my love of art in a college setting. College is extremely different from high school because it allowed me to completely immerse myself in art. For instance, I would find myself in the ceramics studio whenever I was stressed or couldn’t sleep. The art galleries are open almost always for students to browse. Marywood also allows me to surround myself with people that are like me—artistic, critical, and want to discuss ideas.

When I graduate with a bachelor’s in Art Therapy, I am going to come right back for my master’s degree. After that, I want to help people heal through the use of art. I chose art therapy as my career path because art has always been my refuge and helped me through difficult periods of my life. I want to share this growing and healing experience with others.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because Marywood has cultivated an environment that makes it so easy to be involved in the arts and allow you to grow as an artist. Marywood is also about 2 hours from my home town, which allowed me to experience things that were not available at home and there was no pressure to upkeep my high school status, and get a small sense of independence.

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