One of the great things about being a senior is picking your own schedule. Even better, you know what you want and what you would enjoy the most when it comes to courses after taking four years of core required courses and some electives. What is cool for me about this semester is the fact that I had room to take basically any class I wanted, most importantly any studio art class that I wanted. I love being able to pick my own studio art classes. I am beyond grateful for the foundation year studio courses that Marywood requires because now that I have experienced such a wide range of media and style experimentation I can narrow down what I want to advance more in.

One of the greatest but intimidating things about taking studio courses that are beyond introductory level is the amount of choice you have when designing your own pieces. There are often only limited requirements which pushes you to engage in your own ideas and creativity. I am super excited about taking Painting III and Sculpture II this semester. I have always been fond of painting and realized I had a love for three dimensional work during my undergraduate career at Marywood.

Marywood also has such great studio facilities that I now have my own painting studio space. Excited was an understatement when I realized I would have my very own studio space. It was the best feeling ever knowing I would have a place for all of my supplies, messes, and inspiration in one place for me to come to at anytime I wanted. I get to art all day long!

I have great expectations for the works I plan on producing for my studio classes this semester. Recently, as a part of the start of a new semester, I have been in the brainstorming process. Researching new art production and artists for inspiration. Coming up with which paints and mediums I want to work with primarily. Journaling ideas concerning this semester’s projects. As anxious as I am to really get into the processes I have always loved the brainstorming part of art making. It reminds me of what inspires me, where my mind can take me and show me what I am passionate about. I am eager for my ideas to become tangible art pieces within the course of this semester!

Let the creativity begin!

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