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I have grown up spending lots of time looking at the art that my parents have collected throughout the years. (I should have known I was going to be an art major!) I have early memories of trying to figure out how a chair in a Dali print hanging in the basement could even stand on its own if it popped out of the art and was in the room with me — needless to say, it definitely couldn’t. Some of my favorite prints that I’ve grown up with are a series of flowers in various drinkware by a local artist named David Frame.


David Frame was a bit of a local celebrity here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He moved to the area in 1971 and opened a gallery and frame shop in Doylestown in ’73. He began to capture the area’s beauty in prints and sketches of the county’s landscapes and landmarks, for which he gained popularity. Frame soon was asked to paint the cover for the Bucks County Town and Country Living  magazine and became its artist-in-residence. Over 11 years, he painted 50 covers! Here are a few of my favorites.

Screenshot (3)

My parents bought these floral prints in the frames that David Frame had originally put them in just after he passed away in 2008. Even though they are prints, they are textured to look as if they were painted onto canvas! While I don’t know exactly how he accomplished this, they seem to have been printed onto canvas and brushed with a clear gloss to create the illusion of brush strokes.




This local impressionist served more in my life than just painting a series of flowers that I would grow up looking at prints of. My parents both knew him personally! My mother met him when she worked as a waitress in a restaurant he would eat at regularly. He worked with her on some writing projects of his and would also call my father with IT questions frequently. I vividly remember visiting his gallery as a child and talking with his wife, Paula. Here is a portrait he made of my mom!!



When I told my mom that I wanted to write just a little bit about him, she dug out this picture of David and Paula holding me when I was a baby. So cool! I’m going to do more research on David Frame to make additional posts about his life and work, as well as posts about other artists in the area, so stay tuned for a series on Bucks County artistry! Have a great week 🙂

Baby Picture With the Frames

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  1. This is for Ivy D’Agostino… I Just purchased a beautiful pastel that David Frame did. You might want to pop in to see it. We are of Iron & Oak and are located on the corner of 202 N Union and Elm Street in Lambertville NJ (Near Neice Lumber). It is a large piece 65″L x 45″H approx. that is spectacular. Hope to see you sometime. Mary Beth

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