Busy Week!

Summer has flown by and in the blink of an eye I’ll be back at Marywood getting down to business. In order to get back to school though I need to prepare to go back to school, so I haven’t had much time to wonder about what to write about or to think about art much at all between the scrambling to make sure I visit everyone one last time and the shopping for last minute school supplies.

Though when I feel down or just want something to do real quick to let out some creative energy I watch youtube videos on art challenges that can be done easily and quickly but are still a lot of fun! There are so many ways to channel your artistic side even when on the move and this is definitely one of my favorites. I recently watched a video by Lavandertowne, a youtube artist who inspires me time and time again, where she tried some tik toc art challenges. I suggest that you try some of them out yourself or look up some of your own!

Cover Photo from Lavandertowne’s youtube

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