Can YouTube Thumbnails be Considered Art?

Hi everyone! For a class assignment, I’ve been looking into types of art that we encounter on a daily basis in our lives. I said that one of this artworks that we see daily is the thumbnails on YouTube. In this assignment, I mention thumbnails being an art form that we can encounter daily in our contemporary worlds. But is really a form of art?

Creating a thumbnail can be relatively easy, depending on what type of program someone uses and how good they are at creating them. I personally know that because I’m not that proficient with drawing and/or graphic design, so I would most likely have difficulty with creating a thumbnail. But there are many people who are great designers and could easily create an amazing thumbnail.

Another question to ask is: because thumbnails are accessible and common in society, can they be considered art? I want to say yes, because even though it is accessible someone can put in a lot of work to make their thumbnail look good enough for someone to click on their video. Even more so, each person’s thumbnail most likely has an element of originality in their picture, whether it includes their image or ideas. Thumbnails can also be seen as a type of mixed media art because it often done with a program/Photoshop and photography.

As we are all getting closer to end of the school semester, I wanted to have us reflect on art and how, even in little ways, it surrounds in our daily lives.

I personally believe that because our society uses thumbnails on a daily basis for YouTubers, this type of creative platform will be talked about in art textbooks in 50 or 100 years from now. I could be wrong, but what do you guys think about this?

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