Candids & Portraits

On April 12, the Marywood Art Department took a trip to Philadelphia. After looking around the museum, a few friends and I walked around the city. So, I took the opportunity to take a few nice photos of them, specifically two. While I did take photos of my surroundings, I wanted to take time focusing on the genuine happiness of my good friends and the joyous time they were having.

For most of the photos, instead of having them pose, I decided to capture their true nature in the form of candids. Even if I had one of them posing, I chose to snap a photo when they were doing something natural.

While James wanted “city shots”, I opted to take his desired shots while still maintaining the candids, and I think they turned out better this way.

As for Caitlinn, I stuck soley candids when she was joking around or, in one case, fixing her hair after we were rained on.

Keeping my camera in a continuous shot mode really helped catch the perfect candids. I am thankful for such a feature because that mode helps capture the real beauty of people.

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