Car Designs

In continuation from my vacation to Michigan comes another adventure this time to a car plant where they actually make the cars that people like you and me drive around today!

The car plant we visited was the Ford Truck Plant. I watched two short little movies before going in to see the trucks being made and learned how the plant had evolved over so many years. I always knew that there were different car designs from when the first Model-T was invented but seeing them up close was pretty amazing.

When we were able to go into the truck plant, we got to see the different machines and people that help put the Ford trucks together. It was very interesting and cool to see how they are made. Plus it got me thinking there is design everywhere you look! Someone designed the style of the trucks that were being made. They had to make sure it was functional, in style, but also different and similar to other trucks that have been made.

It was cool to see the evolution of the cars from when Henry Ford created the Model T to today’s Ford cars and well as other cars out there on the road. It’s impressive to learn about not only the capability of the cars but all the different designs that individuals have created!

Fun fact: My featured image for this post is a shot I took from a village within the Ford Factory. They had replica Model T’s driving around people to different parts of the village!

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