Caribbean Christmas!

Someone once told me it isn’t really Christmas unless it snows…well! I beg to differ! See, here in the Virgin Islands we may not have icy mountain caps and our lawns may not be covered in a blanket of snow but that’s okay! We have white sandy beaches and clear blue seas! Christmas in the Caribbean is all about family, it’s about community.

Every year on St. John, the Cannel Bay resort hosts Santa and Mrs. Claus. On Christmas Eve they give out gifts to all the children! We don’t have snow and we don’t have reindeer but that’s not a problem! Rather than a sleigh, Santa gets his own ferry, trimmed with festive lights and a deejay to add a little more Christmas spirit.

Mrs. Claus puts on her own show as she enters the room dancing on her stilts!

And of course! Santa brings his elves along to help out!


It’s always a celebration when Santa comes to town! He brings live music, cheerful helpers, sugary goods, and presents for the kids of the St. John community. So although we don’t have snow, we make due. A true blue Caribbean Christmas is one not to miss. 




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