Change is Beauty

Having just come back from a weeklong vacation at the beach, I did not think I could fall more in love with it, but I did. I had the realization that nothing is ever the same, even if you go to the same beach every year.

I had the opportunity to see the sunset everyday as I ate dinner, and every single day it let off different hues, and created a whole different setting and mood.

I also woke up to see the sun rise a couple days, and each day was different. One day it was calm with low intensity hues surrounded by the clouds and humidity in the air, whereas the next day, it was vibrant with color ready to start the day.

The ocean was drastically different everyday. And I’m not talking about the temperature or the riptide, but the way the waves crashed. Each and every single wave is different when it crashes. Some days the ocean contains jellyfish or seaweed, while other days it is clearer and calmer. The way the foam sits on the beach sand is always different, sometimes filling in footprints of those who just walked by and other times it sits to let the sun evaporate it.

I took some walks on the beach, and realized the variety and beauty within every seashell. Some broken, yet some untouched. Each one different from the one before it, filled with plenty of subtle colors.

Even the seagulls, and people on the beach changed. Everything changed, from colors and textures which overall created a different mood everyday.

All of this intrigued me, because the sun always rises and sets, the waves are always crashing and there will always be sand and shells on the beach, but within my short time there I saw the small variety throughout these actions that happen every day. I realized that there is beauty in change, and in the art world, it is okay to switch up your style every once in a while.

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