Character Design And Concept Art

Hello everyone! In this weeks’ blog I will be talking about character design and concept art. It’s something I have always been very passionate about as an illustrator and it’s a field I want to go into once I graduate college. Character and concept design takes a lot of work and imagination.

What is Character Design?

Character Design is exactly what the title in-tales, it has to do with designing a character from your imagination or based off of an existing universe. This field really puts your creative mind to the test because you ultimately get to choose what your character is going to look like. However, if you are working with a client, you have to see what they want and you as an illustrator, bring it to life for them.

What is Concept Art?

Concept Art is basically coming up with an idea for the story, environment, or character. This process consists of multiple sketches or documents that have multiple versions of character drawings or environment sketches or even plot lines. Designers keep sketching and writing till they find the right concept that fits the story they want to tell.

My Favorite Character/ Concept Designs

Levi Ackerman Facial Chart
Levi Ackerman Facial Chart
Levi Ackerman Isayama character notes
Levi Ackerman Character Chart

This character is from Attack on Titan and his name is Levi Ackerman. According to multiple interviews with the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, he actually accidentally created Levi while he was doodling ideas. Fun fact. Levi has a black under cut with sleepy, tired looking eyes and overall a really bold look. He is 5’2″ and is captain of the Survey Corps. I really like Levi’s design because even though he doesn’t really show much emotion, his face can be really expressive at times, especially when he is angry or sad. He has a really bold and dynamic design that really catches my eye, especially with his eyes. His eyes and eyebrow shape are really interesting to me because I’ve never seen a character with eyebrows or eyes like that so that’s what makes him unique.

Thor and Rocket Fighting
Marvel Concept Art For Infinity War
Captain Marvel Fighting A Monster
Captain Marvel Concept Art

I really like the concept art Marvel does for their movies because of how dynamic their work is. These works are colorful and show what ideas Marvel had for their films, sadly some ideas don’t get used. Marvel does a really good job with putting their films together and creating a tremendous work of art on the movie screen. Overall, their concept art is dramatic and brings a reaction from the crowd. Their work is also very expansive color wise and their realistic style is pleasing to the eye.

Concept artists put in a lot of hard work into their drawings, paintings, and/or sculptures. They deserve so much credit for bringing creative ideas to life. I hope to one day become a concept artist/character designer to do the same, create and bring ideas to life.

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