Character Design Progress

Hello everyone! I have made some progress on my character design project and I have somewhat come up with a loose plot. I am going to make it a love story! Here’s the breakdown of a few of the characters:
Rayson is a bisexual junior in college and he is very shy. He is a cancer zodiac sign. He tries to be social and go to parties, but it usually doesn’t end up going well because he isn’t very good at being social until he meets this guy named Braden.


I don’t have character designs for him yet, but Braden is a very extroverted and outgoing person that brings Rayson out of his shell overtime. Rayson also has a friend named Elena and they are a lesbian. They go to the same college as Rayson and they are in the same year as him. Elena goes by she/they pronouns and is okay with either or. The designs for Elena aren’t done, but here’s a sketch of what I have so far.

Rough for Elena

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