Character Design WIP

Hello everyone! I wanted to show some stuff I am working on in my character design class. We had a project that had to do with design a character from a book passage that already exists. A project we are currently doing is creating a character from a passage that our classmates made. Basically, we all came up with character descriptions and then in class we switched them around and we each got one at random.

Character Design

This is the book passage character design, I did Dalton Wiseheart from Wayfaring Stranger. We had to create 4 designs for the character.

Character - Ashe

So this is the project we are doing currently doing where we do another classmates’ character description that we get at random. I got a teenager that has supernatural powers, which I am excited about doing because the character itself didn’t really have a backstory from the description I got so I can just go wild!

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