Character Posing

Here’s (yet another!) update on my very slow progress on the video game I’m working on. I now have two more poses of the main character, Patty, for the dialogue sections. I had planned to make a few more, such as scared, surprised, angry, laughing, etc., but they took much longer than expected. I’ll still do a couple more I think—but not yet. I should work on the other two characters a bit first, and then go back and flesh out what I have. At least, that is what my gut is telling me!

Patty Dialogue Poses

Patty is pretty low-key, so her expressions aren’t that exciting. I always have fun drawing her though, probably because she’s a change of pace from what I’m used to. I tend to draw very expressive characters (or I try to anyway) so I appreciate her lethargy. It’s sort of like trying to figure out how to convey a feeling with the least amount of facial expression possible… or like trying to communicate a feeling through a veil of sleepiness, which she usually is. She’s the skeptic of the trio of characters, and she frequently gets dragged into the messes a certain other character tends to create. Perhaps I’ll get to that character next.

Bathroom 3

I also put together a test using the updated character art and text box, just to see how it looks. I’m much happier with it now, which is a relief. Just a few tweaks made a huge improvement in my eyes. You could argue that I shouldn’t be focused on creating a plethora of character poses when one or two would suffice, but it’s just too fun! And I am doing this for fun, so I’ll continue doing what I want. I would like to eventually get them out of the bathroom, though. If I can muster the courage to draw another background, then that might be next. If not, then I’ll start on the other characters. 

Thank you for reading!

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