Christmas and New Year’s cards

I made a couple of cards this year and last year to honor the holidays. One was an assignment for Professor Medley’s class for Typography, and the other was to support Zeta Omicron in this year’s card and ornament sale! I discovered that I really enjoy making greeting cards and I plan to make more and maybe even sell them. I have a new found appreciation for designers that make greeting cards because personally I find a nice greeting card is always welcomed.

“Don’t be a prick!”

My Christmas card was of a cute cactus with Santa hats on it’s branches. The type I used was a rough handwritten typeface and to create the spikey cactus texture on the lettering I would select the type and expand the image in Adobe illustrator. I would then reselect the type and change the color to green and then with the brush tool I would add shading and thorns to the lettering to complete the cactus look. The cactus was imported from photoshop where I originally drew it. I actually managed to have one of my cards purchased at the Zeta Omicron card an ornament sale which was exciting!

“Happy New Year!”

My New Year’s was the assignment for Typography where the focus of the card was to be the type. I hand lettered the type and took a picture of it and uploaded it on to illustrator. With the pen tool I traced over my image and then I changed the color of the lettering I traced. I wanted to make it pop so I used a very limited color palette of black, white, and gold and I make a starburst design behind the letter to draw the eye more to the center. My card was well received among my peers and I received a good grade in that class too!

Hope you all had a happy holiday!

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