Clay Explorations!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am taking Ceramics 1 with Eva Polizzi, where I am currently working on my tree stump cookie jar. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of my lid but I created a leaf shaped lid and put coils fashioned on top of the leaf to serve as the veins visible on a leaf. I also put holes through the coils because I plan on taking my newly learned stitching skills from my Fibers course and incorporating them within this project. Eva suggested the idea and I decided to go with it and explore this option because this is something I never attempted before and I really want to explore all the possibilities and experiment as much as possible!

Along with this experiment, I am also working on a set of pinch pots in which I was inspired by the M.C. Richards Centering: Life + Art – 100 Years display in the Mahady Gallery here at Marywood! I was really inspired by her pinched pieces because you can really see her hand within the pieces. For me, I was really inspired and motivated by the process shown especially since working with clay or any art form is a process that should be recognized and appreciated. I was also highly inspired by her paintings and her choice of colors. I loved how free, expressive, and colorful the paintings looked and I plan to experiment a bit with that.

I made a set of six pinch pots, not all the same sizes but fairly close, which was done on purpose. I wanted a look that was not as uniformed and similar but still have a cohesive feel. On the outsides I added a little texture by simply adding lines with one of my wooden tools. On the inside I really wanted to show off that “made by hand” feel and kept all of my pinching shown and finger indents.

After my pinch pots are fired. I plan to glaze them a neutral based color only on the outside and on the inside I want to use acrylic paint. I want to paint each pinch pot a different toned down pastel color on the inside as well.

I simply cannot wait until my pieces are fired and I can begin my glazing, painting, and stitching processes!

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