Collage printing

Hi everyone! This week I’ll show you the process of printing with different materials, such as fabric and coins!

This was probably the most interesting printmaking project I’ve done so far. Incorporating coins and fabric into a print is an awesome concept. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, especially with the coins through the press, but I was pleasantly surprised!

My process started with finding a piece of matte board that I could glue everything to. Once I found that, I had to think of an idea. I was going through my wallet and saw I had some spare change that I’ve been meaning to empty out, and that’s when I thought of the idea of using coins for this project. I cut the hand out of watercolor paper, and each finger is separate from the palm to give it more depth. I also cut into the fingers to give the look of creases and did the same to the palm. I found some nice looking fabric for the sleeve and chose to put 3 coins in the middle of the palm. Once they were glued down, I had to cover the board in 3 layers of matte medium to make sure the ink wouldn’t get clogged up in the fabric, and also so none of the pieces I pasted on fell off after printing it a few times. I call it “Spare Change” and I can’t wait to do another project like this!

The board is on the left, and my first print is on the right!

Overall, I loved this project and I’ll update here if I decide to do another print like this!

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