Collage Sketchbook

Sometimes if I am painting for a few hours so I like to take breaks so I can sit with it for a while. Its nice to distract myself for a little bit with something else and then come back to my painting and maybe see something I didn’t see before. So during these breaks I began working on a collage sketchbook. I like to keep my mind going even when I take these breaks so I usually will draw in my sketchbook but sometimes I still want to be focusing on color just a little more.

The collages I’ve been working on have been created with mostly fashion magazines because they contain a lot of large areas of color and textures. My first sketchbook entry was a non-objective collage. It included magazine cut-outs and ribbon glued to the page with matte medium. Creating this was so much fun and I didn’t really run into any problems. It was an easy going way to create a composition out of shapes I have already prepared for myself. I can cut them down to make them work if necessary. Its easy to play with the color composition because the colors are right in front of you and you can move them around to see what works best. I really enjoyed this sketchbook book idea and so I decided to just keep it going for as long as I can. It can also be used for inspiration for other paintings.



Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:


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