Color With Friends

Earlier this week, my best friend told me about a TikTok trend where people download a coloring app, color the same pieces, and compare the two. As someone whose whole field is about formal analysis and comparing artworks, I was super excited to take part! Besides the laughter that ensued, we really did reveal some of the inner workings of the thought process in coloring.

Bestie: “I went for a warm vibe, and set it in the morning before the sun rises”

Me: “I guess I thought about an ideal little cottage I’d like to live in when I did this.”

Bestie: “I went for the 70s feel, like there would be a bunch of people hanging around in shorts and crop tops.”

Me: “I always think of nighttime when it comes to camping. I wanted to do the RV cuter but they just don’t come like that around here”

Me: “Your witch seems very nature-oriented”

Bestie: “Yeah she’s chill. Yours is spooky.”

Bestie: “I feel like mine is giving classic Arizona vibes, I knew you’d go with black.”

Me: “Well it’s what I’d wear if I were a cowboy, a little goth.”

Bestie: “I could not figure out how to do the red vibe, I like what I ended up with though.”

Me: “I couldn’t resist the classic hibachi place look, yours looks relaxing”

It was incredibly interesting to see how our own thoughts reflected in the choice of color. I find that we mostly based our decisions off of our own color preferences, real life appearance, and ideal concepts of the pictures shown. I tend to think about contrast and value and other technicalities as an art student, but my friend had also shown consideration to them in her color choices. I think trends like these demonstrate how art theory is applicable to many facets of life. I highly encourage doing this trend with friends or family members, it’s ridiculously entertaining!

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