Colorful Ice Art

Hi everyone! If you are like me then you are done with the cold weather and you can’t wait for it to get warmer. Winter is just not my cup of tea. I easily get bored or annoyed with it despite living in NEPA my whole life.

While the ice and snow can get quite dreary at times I found this lovely article about turning ice into a colorful piece of art that will surely make you smile. Now, if you are from this area then you might be familiar with this. I know I can remember seeing these since I was a child especially along 81 and the River Street exit. The artist is (ironically) named Art Annacarto and he’s been continuing the long tradition of dying the ice and snow that forms along the highway. Originally it was started by a man named John Edwartoski and now Mr. Annacarto is keeping the tradition alive. By simply using large bottles of food coloring, he pours it along the expanse of ice that has formed, turning the previous white ice into a rainbow of colors. 

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I’ve always loved seeing this because I think it just makes people smile and it’s a great way to lift spirits through simple little pieces of art. 

If you are not familiar with the colorful ice then check it out! They are still along Interstate 81 in Scranton and the River Street exit. It’s very cute and will definitely make you smile. Have a great week everyone!

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