Comic Strips

In my illustration class this semester, we have been doing so many projects to help explore our skills as illustrators. A couple of weeks ago we had done a character design project that we had to use for a second project, which we are currently making. We have to make a comic strip with the character we created. The goal to successfully create this comic strip while showing off aspects of our character like personality and what they like dislike. There are no limitations for this project and we can basically set it up in any way we like.

For my project I changed my character completely from the character design project to something that I am more excited to make. Instead I created a female anthropomorphic cat-like character that loves to work out. I chose an animal instead of a human because I can do so much more with an animal character.  Before we could start working on the illustration part of the comic strip we each had to create the story, because you can’t really illustrate without a plan first. Then for the illustration portion of the comic strip I wanted my character to be at the gym. I thought a gym setting would perfectly show that my character works out as a big part of her life, and I could also make many panels focused on areas of working out. Next I roughed out some sketches on two pages and this is where I’m currently at with this project. I’m still debating on whether or not to color it in but I hope the final piece will be where I want it to be!

comic strip

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