Controlling The Chaos

Hi everyone! While virtual learning continues for us, then so too will virtual visits to museums. One of my favorite museums to visit is the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. If you haven’t gone I would highly recommend it. It is a fantastic place to get lost in. I have family in Pittsburgh so I’ve happily had the opportunity to visit this museum multiple times and see new exhibits. Right now they have an exhibit on display titled Controlling the Chaos. When looking at their website and seeing what they’ve been up to, this title immediately stuck out to me and I had to check it out. I have probably said it a million times, but my favorite thing about art will always be that it allows people to have and form connections, and help create experiences that we can feel so deeply. So, when I saw this title for the exhibit, I just knew that it would have art that could really make viewers feel something. 

The exhibit is aimed at the “responses to the complexity of lived experience today.” With covid still dwelling over us and simply the everyday experiences that we all have, life can sometimes be chaotic and it’s important to find some control and quiet time within all of that. The works and images within this exhibit help to slow us down, focus inward on ourselves, and find connections between our shared experiences. When I first looked at the images I was immediately drawn to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Indian Ocean, Bali (#358). An image that is empty of all worldly chaos and noise, it is quiet and serene. For me I find it really calming how it helps you take a step back and take a moment away from everything going on around you, imagining you are there in the moment. Other images do a similar thing and help the viewer slowly move their eye across the work, simply flowing with it and experiencing the moment. 

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Indian Ocean, Bali (#358)
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Indian Ocean, Bali (#358), 1991, gelatin silver print, Carnegie Museum of Art

I would definitely recommend looking at the other images in this exhibit, finding one you connect to, and taking a moment to just breathe and experience it. I hope everyone has a great week!


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