Cookie Art

I have always enjoyed baking, and over winter break I made sure to bake a lot. The food I like to bake the most has to be cookies and I will be sharing a batch of cookies I made that could be considered art. Inspired by water marbling and other bakers creating marbled foods I thought it was my turn to create some swirled treats! Before heading back to college I made a batch of sugar cookies with marbled icing.

The recipe for the cookies are a basic sugar cookie with icing that is made out of confectioners sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and food dye.  To create the marbled designs I poured, in small increments, the white icing into a shallow bowl. Any food color can be used, but I wanted to only use red and blue for this batch of cookies. To create the designs I just scattered drops of red, blue, or red and blue together on top of the white, and swirled.

After creating the design, just gently dip the tops of the cookies into the icing. When doing this the icing will drip off the cookie, which alters the marbled design. I am not sure, yet, how to achieve marbled cookies that do not change the design, but they are still beautiful!cookie in marbled icing

The cookies are then set on a rack incase any of the icing drips off and to let them completely dry, then they are done.

Hopefully this post will inspire people to get out and bake some art!


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