Copper Fibula

Metal can be formed into some amazing things. I was able to learn this week how to hammer, twist and taper a long piece of copper wire into a fibula. A fibula in jewelry is a piece of wire that is manipulated any way you would like on one side and taper on the other end. This is so that the the tapered part can be pushed through fabric to be worn. The fibula is really for being worn with bigger sweaters so that the tapered part can be pushed through without leaving a hole in the fabric.

I liked this project and it didn’t take long to complete. I just struggled with hammering the metal into place and I found myself heating it up several times to soften the metal. Once I got the outside of the moon completed I hammered the wire in different directions to get a nice texture. The wire was hard to bend to fit inside the moon but after a couple of times heating it up it worked. I finished the piece up by filing out any pliers marks and then added a liver of surfer patina. I can’t wait to wear my new broach on a big sweater this winter!

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