Corsets of Glass

Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you all to an amazing artist that I discovered a few months ago. “Candy Makeup Artist” is the brand designed by Joyce Spakman, a Dutch makeup and styling artist who creates incredible designs. The following photos show some of Spakman’s designs, where she has is responsible for the makeup, costume pieces, and photography.

When I first saw these pieces I was simply blown away by the dramatic and intense aesthetic depicted here. I especially love the clothing pieces Spekman designs, which often take inspiration from Baroque art and other mediums such as porcelain and stained glass. Here’s a close up of two examples of this:

Recently, Spakman was able to provide costuming for some scenes in Cardi B’s new music video for her song Up, sending her further into the public eye with her unique and intricate art. Check out Cardi B’s video and see if you can spot Joyce’s work! These pieces were all so inspirational and intriguing to me, and I hope they are for you also! If you’d like to see more of Spakman’s work or even see her shop, you can access it here.

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